When you think waffles you probably think sweet right? That age old memory of buying a sweet (and possibly ‘too sweet’) waffle that you either totally loved or didn’t really care much for. So we are here to lure you back to the roots of the leavened-batter. 

Waffles originated in Belgium as easy to eat Street Food that people would grab whilst walking to work baked fresh and hot. There are two types of waffles. Brussels and Liège. 

We work with our very own take on the Brussels waffle. They are crisp, light as air and have large pockets. Imagine walking down the streets, lured by the sweet luscious smell of hot baked waffles served with a dusting of icing sugar. 

Either way we’re starting a waffle revolution. We’ve ripped up the rule book and re-invented the simple waffle, whilst keeping the very special and delicious essence.

Waffles are making a come-back. Over the last year we believe that we have shown how very ‘versatile’ these hashtag shaped fluffy and crispy bites of joy can be.

Since starting the creation of our waffles last year we have become experimental with our savoury waffle recipes. 

We turned the humble and beautiful waffle into an exciting, vivid and fresh sweet AND savoury food for you to enjoy – far from the images your mind might be feeding you of waffles from old.

We have even turned some sweet lovers into savoury lovers. We are so passionate about amazingly tasting food, made with as many locally sourced ingredients and every ounce of our effort is put into making the recipes just perfect for you. 

What would you choose? Sweet Vs Savoury


Peaches and Cream with fresh griddled peaches, blueberries, mascarpone cream. 

Eton Mess Waffle with cream, strawberries, meringue and
Pimms coulis 

Caramel Apple Crunch Waffle with caramelised apples, Greek yogurt , local granola and salted caramel sauce 

Chocolate brownie waffle with cocoa, mascarpone cream, chocolate fudge sauce, berries and icing sugar 


Breakfast waffle with scrambled eggs, chorizo and cherry tomatoes.

Waffle with goats cheese, blueberry coulis, blueberries, honey and figs. 

Chorizo-infused Waffle with manchego and homemade quince jelly. 

Thyme-infused waffle with whipped goats cheese and walnuts with a blueberry coulis. 

A Deep South slow cooked South American Beef Chilli with soured cream, coriander, cheese, nacho crumb and waffle nacho bites.

So spare a thought for our hashtag pieces of joy next time you see us on the streets and join our Waffle revolution! You never know, you might just be quietly surprised. 

Next event is Off The Beaten Truck in Saffron Walden Market Square. Friday 5th July. 6pm – 10.30pm.