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Deliveries will occur throughout Saturday morning and early afternoon

Please Note: We cannot cater for any serious allergies. We endeavour to handle all allergens coming from our Waffle kitchen, though we cannot guarantee our dishes are always allergen-free. Waffle and Company’s mission has always been to make it easy and accessible for everyone to eat well and be inclusive regardless of dietary requirements/needs. For our ‘Stay at Home’ range you can find all allergens on the product pages of our website, when you make your purchase. Any further questions please direct them to:


1. Remove Waffle from your pack

2. Toast your waffle under a medium grill (around 180) until golden and crispy on both sides

3. Enjoy your delicious waffle by itself or click here for more inspiration

View our guide on how to prepare and serve your waffles here


When are you starting to deliver?

We will be delivering every Saturday. Deliveries will take place in the morning until midday/early afternoon. We will take numbers during the order process to contact you if necessary. 

What areas will you be delivering to?

For now: 

Saffron Walden Town,  Littlebury, The Chesterfords/Ickleton, Whittlesford/Duxford, Newport, Thaxted, Wimbish, Debden, Widdington

If you would like us to deliver to a village that isn’t listed and you think that your local community will enjoy our delicious treats – please drop us a quick email to express interest in serving your community

How long will my Waffles keep?

Cover and keep in the fridge for 2 days. Alternatively, these will freeze for up to 1 month if stored in freezer bag or sealed container. 


What would you suggest I serve them with?

The waffles are delicious by themselves (course). Simply toasted or crisped up in the oven for minute or two. However, if you want to top them with various yummy ingredients we have some great recipe ideas here.

What allergens to you cater for?

We currently cater for Gluten free and Dairy free dietary needs however, we cannot cater for severe allergies, such as coeliac (sorry). Any further information or concerns, please contact us

What Hygiene and Safety measures have you adopted?

We maintain our 5- star food hygiene standards. We always wear gloves when handling and delivering our food and we regularly clean our work surfaces and equipment thoroughly, this is according to (new COVID-19 and existing) Government Guidelines.

How can I pay for my waffles?

Currently, we are only accepting pre-orders and therefore payments must be made through our website only. Any issues in making a payment, please call 07882087990 to process any orders via phone.  

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