It’s been just two months since Lockdown and nearly two years since we, well Waffle+Co, began. So we’ll be celebrating in June with some kind of large waffle cake of course!

So how did it all begin? We get asked that all the time. Well, Ana and I met in a pub. One rainy, cold February evening on a meet up for new Mums in the area organised by another local mum. We randomly sat next to each other and soon a friendship blossomed over many gin&tonics and chats. We started a waffle revolution back in 2018 in the old country lanes of North Essex and South Cambridgeshire. Little did we know that two years later we would be in business together and flying around those old country lanes delivering waffles to the doorstops of our Waffle Warriors in a Government Lockdown.

But here we are. Two women. Two Mums. Two foodies. Two hostesses. Whipping up batter like it’s nobody’s business.

We ripped up the rule book and re-invented the simple waffle, whilst keeping the very special and delicious essence of its strong-rooted batter.

So are waffles making a come-back? Well we would like to say yes. Over the last couple of years we believe that we have shown how very ‘versatile’ these hashtag-shaped fluffy bites of joy can be. Fish+Chip Waffle with shandy batter. Waffle Croutons served with homemade soup in the Winter and Greek Salad in the Summer. Waffle Canapés served with delicate wines.

Since starting their creation, we have become experimental with our savoury recipes as well as the traditional sweet and have totally loved sharing all those ideas with you. Thankfully you’ve loved a bit of savoury in your lives and so those ones have stuck on the menu and are ever-changing.

Our Chicken+Waffle is our Signature dish which is loved by young and old. The waffle with fried buttermilk chicken served with whipped chive butter and maple syrup is the one to make your mouth water!

We turned the humble and beautiful waffle into an exciting, vivid and fresh; sweet AND savoury food for you to enjoy – far from the images your mind might be feeding you of waffles from old. (Forget those heavy, greasy bricks – we are coming at you with the fluffiest waffles yet and we’ve worked hard at the recipe) We have even turned some sweet lovers into savoury lovers.
Being so passionate about amazingly tasting food, made with as many locally sourced ingredients as we can; every ounce of our effort is put into making the recipes just perfect for you. 

From Women Who Waffle events in the beginning which brought together ladies to chat, dine and chill. To Saffron Supper parties where we tried our hand at Duck+Waffle and Double Chocolate brownie waffles. To Wine+Waffle events for guys and girls. To Comedy+Waffle events for the masses. To Love Yourself Events for women needing a bit of a breather.

And then in June 2019 – to a converted horsebox made with love and taken all around our area serving waffles to the good people of Essex and Cambridgeshire.

Over the course of the year with the horsebox, we have been hired for birthdays, weddings, New Years Eve parties, festivals, private corporate events, Street Food Markets and so much more.

Back at the end of March, we delivered 200 sweet waffles to our local hospital for the NHS staff on the frontline NHS Covid-19 wards. We were helped by donations of ingredients from some fabulous local companies and one in London and were able to give a treat to the staff who have been working so hard.

Since Lockdown, we have had to adapt and change the way we run our business. In these complex times, safety is paramount to us for our customers and so the horsebox is staying firmly put at home for now until a future date.

But, lucky for you, in the meantime you now get to receive Waffles-At-Home with our range of Get Stuffed Waffles, Waffle Churros, Savoury Waffles and Family Weekender Waffle kits!

Every Saturday, Ana and I (including two other of our trustee Waffle employees) zip around the countryside delivering boxes upon boxes of handmade waffles so that you can stay safely at home whilst getting your taste of Lockdown Street Food on your doorstep.

This Saturday will be our 4th week of our Waffles-At- Home range. What started as a ‘dip our toe in the water’ trial has proven a huge success and we have loved all of your excitement and support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

It’s been an exciting time to say the least over the course of our waffle years so far. What’s around the corner… who knows in this current crazy climate but doorstep waffles won’t be going anywhere for a while and we can’t wait for brighter days ahead on the streets in the Waffle Wagon.

So, for now, stay home, stay safe and #GetStuckIn !