We were very fortunate to be featured in our local news paper back in December. If you didn’t see the article, we have it here to share with you. For the full article visit: https://www.saffronwaldenreporter.co.uk/news/women-who-waffle-aims-to-bring-saffron-walden-mums-together-1-5812259

Two mums from Saffron Walden – Tori May and Ana Hayter – have started a company which brings women together to relax by eating waffles and drinking wine. “Ana and I met one evening in January during a local mums’ meet up,” Tori said.

“We both recently moved to Saffron Walden from London. We got chatting and realised a common interest in entertaining, hosting and cooking.

“We also spoke about how lovely it would be to have a mummy and baby group, with a focus being on the mum.

“We decided to set up ‘Women Who Waffle’, which would be a group for local women to socialise, relax, unwind and eat a delicious waffle. One that would be made with ingredients that would support local businesses, one that looked incredible, and one that didn’t just have toppings of chocolate, cream and marshmallows, but toppings such as fresh figs, crispy southern fried chicken, tangy caramelised apples, homemade crispy honeycomb and other beautiful delights.

Tori said: “There’s so much agenda in today’s world so we wanted to take some agenda out of life for a bit and generally relax, de-brief and concentrate on some time out to recharge batteries.”

The pair have spoken to local companies to explain their ideas and they have been receptive to the idea. They have bought meat from Humphreys Butchers, granola and eggs from Saffron Wholefoods, coffee from The White House Coffee in the market and wine from both Joseph Barnes wine boutique and Adnams Saffron.

“We are committed to supporting local and collaborating with local companies,” Tori said. “A sense of community is so important and after having moved here not knowing anyone we could see how lovely and close-knit the community was and wanted to bring it together even more with our idea for the local ladies. Ladies have joined us both new to the area and also some who have lived here for all their life.”

Tori and Ana are hoping to host some events around Christmas time and, from January, the pair plan to form a book club and involve Hart’s Books and the library, in Saffron Walden.

Find out more on Facebook: Women Who Waffle. Instagram: @waffleand_co

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