Are you ready to #GetStuckIn 

Those that know us, know that community is at the heart of our business. 

Before we battened down our hatches way back in March, we carefully constructed a plan between us, along with the help of some donations from some fabulous companies to share the waffle love with our local hospital. We wanted to delight 200 front line staff on the Covid 19 wards at Addenbrookes with our DIY Waffle Packs to show our love and appreciation for everything they are doing right now. This was on 30th March. What feels like an absolute lifetime ago. It was a special moment back then, at the beginning of lockdown, to give a little bit back to the community in the best way we knew how. 

Since then, as with many small businesses who have had to temporarily shut the doors of their businesses, we have been missing what we do. We have been missing our lovely, loyal customers and we miss waffling. Well of course we do; we are the Women Who Waffle. 

So, with no one to waffle to except our husbands, we had a vision. To create waffles for our long-standing and also our new Waffle Warriors during this totally unexpected and crazy time in all of our lives. But this time with a difference. 

With a Governmental Lockdown having been imposed for the last 6 weeks, new social distancing measures in place and strong messages for people to ‘Stay Home’, we decided to take our waffles to a whole new level and bring them to you! 

And so, ‘Waffles At Home’ was born. Week 1 was all about getting stuffed with our Get Stuffed range of waffles. 

The idea being that we would create an offering that would work ‘at home’ for you guys. A treat. A taste of normality. An alternative to a take away. Something that we could bring to your doorsteps safely with all the joy that we could stuff into a waffle. 

Having created a variety of Sweet + Savoury waffle options for people to choose from, we were overwhelmed with the response that we got on 26th April when we put a taster out there of what we were planning to do. 

It was then all systems go on 28th April when we launched Week 1 for our Get Stuffed ‘Waffles At Home’ deliveries. We sold out within 2 hours that evening. It was clear that you guys out there absolutely love the idea of stuffed waffles that you can put in the toaster or under the grill and load up with some of your favourite toppings (or whatever you might have in your fridge and cupboards!)

Chorizo, sun dried tomato +  olive. Ham Hock + Cheddar Cheese. Cheese + Chive. Blueberry + Lemon. Nutella. Apple + Cinnamon were the waffles that we launched. 

Friday night was a hoot. Ana and I both stayed up until the early hours making the waffles in our separate houses and refrigerating them until early the next morning. At 6am we packaged up 200 odd waffles for the masses and we couldn’t have been happier to get going with the deliveries. 

A) Because we both got some child-free time – finally! 

B) We wanted to see all your lovely faces at the doors waiting for us! 

Saturday 9th April was delivery day. We both set off in different directions loaded with waffles to the hilt. Ana hitting Great Chesterford, Linton, Newport and Tori buzzing around Widdington, Thaxted and Saffron Walden – with a few other stops in between. 

We dropped off so many packs to so many people. 

Some isolating and who can’t get out. 

Some who have recently had new babies and needed a treat. 

Some older people who have been avid fans of ours since the very start. 

Some who had their birthdays that day. 

Some who have been eating our waffles since time began. 

Some who needed a well deserved rest from cooking.

Some who wanted to DIY the waffles with their kids as ‘another activity’. 

Some who wanted to eat theirs solo with a big glass of wine that night. 

Whatever your reason was for ordering – we truly thank you and we really appreciate all the support and excitement that you have shown us. We can’t say it’s been easy adapting to these changing times but it’s been fun and rewarding and most of all it’s brought the waffle-shaped twinkles back to mine and Ana’s eyes. 

This week we are launching the second week of deliveries. This time it’s our Home Sweet Home range. And these are Waffles with a difference! Waffle Churros Kits! 

We trialled and tested this new version of a doorstop treat for you and decided that they were definitely fabulous enough to be added to Week 2’s menu. 

These babies are going to take you back to happy times – think festivals, think fairgrounds, think Spain, think Street Food!!!

And we will give you everything you need to make them. The waffles, the chocolate, the caramel, the salted butter, the cinnamon, the sugar and some recipe ideas if you want to.

All you will need is a toaster or a grill! 

So we hope you enjoy your delightful deliveries this coming Saturday. We will get them to you across the course of the morning and afternoon. If you are out, we will leave them on your doorstep and text you to let you know. 

Happy ordering!

Get Your Waffle On at Home Sweet Home 


Tori+Ana x

We asked for all your messages of joy, hope and thanks that you would give to the NHS staff and this is what you said: