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“Our mission is to bring communities together through a shared love of delicious, locally sourced, sustainable food; hand crafted with love and served with a smile”


We are Ana and Tori and we are proud to be the founders of Waffle+Co. We began our quest to change opinions of the humble waffle back in July 2018 by creating events called Women Who Waffle; the idea was to bring together local women through a love of wine, conversation and good food (waffles!). The events quickly became popular and we began collaborating with local businesses to host events that welcomed everyone.

In June 2019, we purchased our beautiful, vintage horse box, which has been converted into our waffle kitchen. We travel in and around the local area bringing our exquisite waffle delights to the community, serving waffles from the hatch…and so, the waffle revolution began. Our ever-growing following are hard pushed to decide between savoury and sweet toppings. You can find some truly delicious combinations on our menu board, such as the incredibly popular Southern Fried Buttermilk Chicken with whipped chive butter and maple syrup; all on top of a homemade, artisan waffle of course. 

We pride ourselves on using local, quality ingredients and in November 2018 we launched ‘The Local Hamper Initiative’, just in time for Christmas. The hamper box was filled to the brim with the most incredible food and drink produce, sourced from some of the top culinary establishments in and around Saffron Walden and Cambridgeshire. Due to its success, we create the hamper box every year.



Community, ethos and sustainability are at the heart of what we believe in. We care about building good relationships with our suppliers, our customers and our local community. Check out our values below. 



(So far…)

June 2018
Waffle+Co was Born

July 2018
Women Who Wafflea local group set up for women who want to enjoy a little “me” time.

November 2018
We began collaborating with local businesses and hosting events in various venues.

January 2019
Waffle events grew and we hosted events that welcomed everyone, including an incredibly popular Comedy and Waffle night at Bicicletta. This continues to be a sell out.

June 2019
The Waffle Horse box was purchased. We serve waffles from the hatch in various locations in. We are available for private hire and weddings.

The Future…
We look forward to expanding our offerings, developing our menus and further networking with all! We welcome any new customers to our horsebox and events. Want to work together? Contact us today!



Ana Hayter

Ana Hayter

Ana is half Cypriot and brought up by food loving parents, it was inevitable that Ana would end up in the food industry. She used to work in her father’s café up North to earn a bit of pocket money, and she just loved to cook for others and entertain, but this would all take a back seat when she discovered that Music was her talent and passion. Ana studied a BMUS in Popular Music at Goldsmiths in London and then went on to become a Music Teacher and Head of Performing Arts in various schools in London. She sang in bands and, whilst thoroughly enjoying singing and music, this would not be her final career path. Throughout it all, she loved to host dinner parties and cook for her friends and family.

She got married to Darryl in 2015 and had two children; Emilia and Myles. They sold their little 2 bed flat in Streatham and it wasn’t until she moved to Saffron Walden in 2017 that she decided to leave teaching and try to start her own business. She still has that passion for food and a love for entertaining and she’s thrilled that she can now involve all of these into her daily life.

Call+44(0)7882 087990


Tori May

Tori May

Tori is half Peruvian, wife to Eddie and mum to Archie, Sisi and Gracie. Having lived in Chiswick, West London for 15 years, the family took the big leap and jumped out to the countryside in January 2018. They now live in Saffron Walden, somewhere amongst the fields in between London and Cambridge.

Having grown up in Norfolk, Tori moved to Sheffield for University to study International Business with Spanish and French. The course led her to live in Madrid for a year (coincidentally meeting her husband Mr. May in a nightclub there some 20 years ago). They moved down to London and Tori started work in corporate IT Sales; working with large multinationals in Spain and Portugal and other such far flung places. 

In 2010, Tori became a full time mum and so, the world of IT sales took a back seat. She dabbled in various sales related roles whilst juggling three tiny kids. Her South American roots and extreme passion for food, entertaining and a love of community led her extraordinarily to cross paths with Ana at a mum’s meet up. The pair hit it off and fell into the wonderful world of waffles.

Tori: +44(0)7979 336170



Without the support of our local suppliers. We rely on the incredible produce from companies such as these. We have selected the best local produce wherever possible to showcase the incredible flavours our local shops have to offer

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